Violation of attention

Attention is concentrated human activity on some real event, reasoning, object, and so spoblychchya. D. Violation of attention observed in the neuroses, interior design madison of the brain, schizophrenia, somatic diseases, as well as the usual fatigue. Today often found violations of attention in children, which many adults perceive as a lack of education. This disease is caused by a violation of brain processes and brings a lot of trouble – from bad marks in school to psychological trauma because of their illness. These effects usually occur with fatigue or brain damage. limo Miami
Types of abuse
There are the following types of abuse note:

flies inattention (scattered attention);

senile inattention (inability to switch from carelessness);

Academic carelessness (excessive focus on the inability to quickly change);

specific violations if they apply only to some types of attention or memory; dance studio Miami

modal-unspecified violation of attention when there are defects simultaneously visual, auditory, tactile and motor analyzers.
Symptoms of abuse
Infringement attention syndrome is found in the following features:

impatience, restlessness, excessive impulsiveness and irritability;

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inability to concentration on the action;


Determine the disease can only neurologist, psychiatrist or psychologist. more here
It should be noted that impaired concentration may occur at any fear, fear of the future events. As a result, the body tries to meet not yet svershyvshuyusya trouble.
If you notice more symptoms do not rush to put a diagnosis, but if they are repeated often and specifically, then you should seek medical attention.

Usually used spoblychchya following treatment: psychological and pedagogical methods of correction, taking stimulants and brain activity neotropnыh preparations, various exercises to develop uontsentratsyy, acupuncture, obtain useful nutrients.
The causes of violations of attention
Lurking in various psychological or common diseases. This can affect fatigue, insomnia, headache, monotone monotonous activity, organic lesion of the cerebral cortex, and so on. D.
Violation of attention
Infringement attention syndrome in children

Manifested in the inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. This affects their relationships with friends, parents, teachers. The syndrome is not as terrible as the consequences – depression, failure, drug abuse and so on. E., So it is important not to miss the point and time to see a pediatrician.
Violation of window repair in madison in the elderly
It is accompanied by a decrease in memory. This is due to a number of senile changes. In elderly people often suffer from cardiovascular and degenerative diseases accompanied by memory impairment. Most experts recommend that people of all ages to eat healthy food spa services in Madison consume vitamins and do exercises that develop concentration.
It is worth noting that through this simple action, virtually any age stage you can prevent or correct the problem breach attention. click