Philosophical System

Art, which focuses primarily on the visual sensations, will be called perceptual rather than conceptual. It will include almost all optical, kinetic, light, and color palette art.

Function concept and perception are contradictory (one based on the idea, the second – on the final result), so bringing an artist of subjectivity in the product can lead to a simplification of his ideas. If the artist wants to analyze the idea deep enough, it will minimize arbitrary or random decisions; while caprice, taste and whim will be excluded from the process of making art. It is not necessary to abandon the work, if it looks bad. Sometimes what initially seems clumsy and awkward, the outcome is pleasing to the eye.

Avoid subjective Bringing you can clearly follow a predetermined plan. Thanks to him, not necessarily to think of each piece in turn. The plan will define the product design. Some plans allow for hundreds of variations, some are reduced to a limited number, but in both cases, the number of variations of course. Other plans involve an infinite number of variations. In any case, however, the artist must choose the basic form and rules which will determine the solution to the problem. Then, less than a decision will be taken in the process of completion of the works, the better. This will optimally eliminate all random, arbitrary and subjective. That is the reason for using this method.

If the artist uses multiple modulation technique, he usually chooses a simple and easily accessible form. The value form as such is very limited; it becomes a grammatical basis for all the work. In fact, it is best to consciously choose unexciting basic element, so that it soon became an immanent part of the whole work. Applying complex basic elements only violates the unity of the whole. Reusing a simple form reduces the scope of work and allows you to concentrate on the idea of order. Orderliness becomes the target, while the form is a means.

Conceptual art is actually little to do with mathematics, philosophy, whether any other intellectual discipline. That math is being accessed mostly artists – it is simple arithmetic or simple number systems. The philosophy of the product means the product itself; it was not an illustration of some philosophical system.