Help endure grief

Life sometimes presents us with unpleasant surprises. Tests that have to overcome, are very sad and tragic. Affect some circumstances we can not. If you can, help survive the grief of another person who interior design madison your support. This is the highest measure of human honor and cordiality.
How to survive the grief?
To pass, it is important not to lose your mind. There is a very wise statement that God gives man more than she could endure. If disaster struck your life, you should proceed as follows:

Get hold of yourself. If you panic and despair gripped, how to get rid of possible try to tone down or feeling. From what you fight in hysterics, nothing will change. Only hurt yourself and those around you;

assess the situation. “Sober” look at what happened. What “damage”, many “victims” might need more help and support;

accept the consequences such as they are. What happened – it happened. Blaming someone stupid, torturing himself – just silly;

find the strength to go on. You can not give up and give up in difficult times.
How to help your child survive the grief?

Children perceive everything very close to my heart. If they are brought up in severity, and they instilled a high degree of responsibility, even the smallest “miss” them very painful.
Parents love children not for “something”, just like all. Children do not always feel it. Afraid to disappoint and upset mom and dad suddenly rozlyublyat? We can not window repair in madison the emergence of such ideas in his child. Fear – is not the correct method of child rearing. Instill a sense of significance
Help endure grief for parents to show respect for him – this is most important. Support, understanding and mutual trust – the only way to make a child happy.
In order that the child could survive heavy grief important to let him know that he is not alone. Learn what happened, disassemble situation. Ignore and pet grooming in Madison talking about the disaster struck – is not an option. Find the positive aspects of that, if you look closely, there are in every situation and under any circumstances. Tell him that everything passes. And it just will.
Remember, together we can survive the great tribulation. Get support each other and take care of life.