Dysphoria – is the antonym of the word “euphoria” when in human behavior window repair in madison irritability, obraslyvist, fault-finding and acrimony. In other words – depression. It can manifest in such ailments:

drug addiction;

premenstrual syndrome;



Sexual abuse problems;



anxiety neurosis;

oblychchyastosti various disorders;




Cushing’s disease, etc.
WARNING! Dysphoria may precede an attack of epilepsy. Severe outbreaks detected rage, despair and sense of hopelessness, anger and anguish. Basically, this – the lack of interior design madison in life, general dissatisfaction and frustration. Unfortunately, such a constant mood leads to abuse alcohol or drugs. In dysphoria observed gusts unlawful actions. In this condition a person totally defenseless and unhappy, though, and tries to show himself strong. Be careful and indulgent to their relatives. Keep favorite!
Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria or gender – a gender acute dissatisfaction with the status of women and men (Gender: male or female), denial of existence. The pet grooming in Madison of this type of dysphoria may be indefinite amount of time and has various causes. Man feels “at ease” is not in his body. In the form in which it is now, it is uncomfortable. People suffering from gender dysphoria, trying to turn itself through dressing in clothes designed opposite sex.

Postkoytalnaya dysphoria

Postkoytalnaya dysphoria – after sexual intercourse appears inexplicable, melancholy, anxiety, tearfulness, tension, irritability and anxiety. No matter how successful he was. The nature of depression today is not found. According to surveys, in some cases, after the betrayal or the possibility of being infected (random connections), while the distance from each partner.
Predmenstrualnaya dysphoria

It is quite common, familiar to many women, PMS. The leading role in provoking factors play dysphoria abortion, childbirth, psychological disorders and infectious diseases, lack of male attention and care.
Predmenstrualnaya dysphoria – treatment
Examined and eliminated “female” disease infection.

To love yourself, respect; accept yourself and love so that you are.

Attention beloved.

The realization that you are loved and needed.
dysphoria treatment

To identify dysphoria, not judged by its first signs. Do not skoropospeshnыh conclusions. Of course, many people react so
Dysphoria to external stimuli, and this is quite normal. But the situation is complicated when such attacks are systematic and regular. They do not allow people to live peacefully and close around and find a reaction of the body perfectly adequate. Pathology can be distinguished from normal humans just to be very careful and monitor the frequency and frequency of exposure.
It is surprising that the dysphoric state is sometimes accompanied by a statement bredopodobnыh own ideas of greatness and enthusiasm for no reason, talkativeness. Its state of dysphoria observed within 2-3 days. But sometimes when they are delayed for weeks and end and restored healthy state as suddenly as incurred.