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The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire

Everyone knows that the current capital of Japan – Tokyo. However, not everyone knows how it was called the first capital. We propose to make a little trip into the depths of history and find out what was the Rising Sun Country centuries ago.
The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire
Nara (Japan) on the world map – just a small point. However, its value once it was very large. Today, a small Japanese town, located in the Kansai region. The number of its population is about 365 thousand. People. This is not just a city. Nara – the first capital of Japan. Its earlier name-Hэydze shipboard. The first capital of Japan was built, like many in this country in the early stages of statehood, the image of Chang’an, capital of China at that time. The civilization of ancient China greatly influenced the formation of religion, literature and the state of the rising sun. Many took over her Japan. On the world map, these states are in the neighborhood, so do not be surprised this.

Golden Buddha is a symbol of Nara. The first capital of Japan was founded in the year 710. However, the presence in Nara large number of Buddhist temples, and huge impact on the life of the city was the Buddhist monks threat to the government. So he decided to find a new capital. At 784, she was moved at some time in Nagaoka, and then in Kyoto.
The story of the Japanese capital
The story of the Japanese capital rather confusing and complicated thing. Official sources said the time period when a particular city was the capital. However, despite this fact, it was repeatedly postponed. Even in the era of Nara it was moved to 740-44 years. Cooney, a shipboard (today Quo). In 745, the capital was another city – Nanyva-shipboard (present Osaka). Then again became the capital of Nara.

Nara period
So is the era in Japanese history when it was the capital city of Nara (710 to 794 per year). Features it – express kitaizatsii society, flourishing culture, including poetry and Buddhism and the first Japanese historical chronicles.
By the 8th century, the Japanese Yamato called their country. However, the 702 first came to the place name “Nihon”. Avati visited China, but Mahyto, the Japanese ambassador, so he called his country. Before taking Taiho (basic legal code) in 701 was the custom, after the death of Emperor move the state capital to a new location. In the 8th century began reforming Japanese society. It was created a centralized government that has effective administrative apparatus. As a result, the entire territory was united Japan. This required the creation of a large settler center. The first capital in 710 and became the center of it.
Nara was the quadrangle, which was divided into left and right “capital.” In addition, the city was divided into dozens of small areas. Government buildings were concentrated in the northern part of Nara. Here is the palace of the emperor. The central thoroughfare of the city, known as the “Red Street Phoenix,” extending from it. She came to the main gate, located in the south.

The population of Japan during the Nara
Nara period in yaponystyke seen as a continuation of the reforms started in the 7th century. They were related to the borrowing experience of civilized China. The population of the state, according to Russian researchers estimate amounted to about 6 million people. Empire of Japan at this time was a centralized state. The population was divided into 2 categories: remyn (good people) and sэmmyn (sneaky people). Officials belonged to the first category (they were the elite of Japan at the time), and the freemen and artisans who depend on the court. In sэmmyn guards were graves, enslaved offenders and their families that are privately owned slaves. All officials, according to legal codes of Japan 7th century, divided into provincial and metropolitan. Their position was fixed system 9 ranks. In turn, they split up into junior and senior rank. The more high place in this system took official, the higher salary he had more privileges and benefits.
state Economy
The economy of this period was the state-planned. The network of roads leading to the capital was laid for a more efficient tax collection. Thanks to the active development began in Japan. At the court to mint silver and copper coins. In the year 708, the first Japanese coins. Money is used mainly to pay salaries to employees and officials. Most of the Japanese was outside the scope of commodity-money circulation. 90% of residents were free peasants. Natural character wore economy.
Naturalization and flourishing Buddhist Art

An important feature of this era is the naturalization of Buddhism. This policy contributed to this emperor. He oblychchyasto turned to Buddhism, which was declared a “defender” of the country, in other words, defined as the state religion. Nara period – this era of prosperity Arts, which experienced while Japanese Empire. To this day most of the works of art preserved in Sesoyne (Imperial Repository), located in the temple Toda-ji temple. Among them we can find items from India and Persia, which suggests that the ancient Japanese involved in international trade.

The time when Nara was the center of the state, was remarkable period in the history of Japan in terms of the progress of art and architecture. The reason for this was the large international exchanges with Korea and China. The basis of culture and politics in Japan at the same time was already sufficiently formed to have its characteristic features. Many shrines and temples that time and today you can see the first capital and returned back 1300 years, to feel the atmosphere of those years.
The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire
The population in the heyday of Nara
It is believed that in the heyday of Nara was many cities. It lived about 100 thousand people. In Nara was the residence Schemu (Sam), the 45th emperor of Japan. It was the first commoner took a wife. In addition, the first capital of Japan was a political and administrative center with many officials. It was here, according to the ancient myth, descended from heaven riding a deer Jimmy, the first emperor of Japan. Therefore, in the country, and especially in its first capital, is sacred animals deer that are designed to protect the city and the state.
The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire
The fate of Nara after moving the capital
After Nara ceased to be the capital, its development for some time stopped. Many architectural monuments of the city during the civil wars that frequently occur in Japan and lasted a long time, have been destroyed, as most buildings of that time built of wood. During farmland were used land first capital. Once majestic city was in full decline. However, influential churches through the centuries were against it. Again Nara was the capital of shrines and temples in Japan.
Restoration of the city
The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire
Restore it was not so easy – many monuments were destroyed. In order to play Suzakumon, majestic gate red phoenix, in the main temple Nara, lacked even basic information. There were well aware of how they look. Therefore, reconstruction was performed based on a model made in excavations, comparison and analysis of the distance between the columns and fragments that are able to detect. In 1998, the gate was reconstructed. Today this magnificent building height of 25 m. They are built of concrete and cypress. During the reconstruction of seismological take into account the situation in the region and used special technologies that allow the gate to stand another 500 years.
Gardens Nara
The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire
Based on excavations able to reconstruct and gardens, restoring the old look of the area. In Nara over a thousand years banned cutting down forests that are sacred mountain Kasuhayama. And today they are considered pristine. They still growing Japanese cedars, and these forests are the habitat of many rare animals. They are themselves natural monument. It is very unusual that these ancient forests are in close proximity to the city. They are an important place for tourist excursions. These forests are free to attend daily. There grows 175 species of trees, 598 species of flowers and 60 species of birds and 1180 species of insects.
Nara today
The first capital of Japan. History of the Great Japanese Empire
The ancient capital of Nara favorite place today the Japanese tourism. Tours here for graduation classes of schools and kindergarten groups are especially popular. For foreign travelers, there are tours designed typically for one day. If you plan to stay here for a longer time, you should take care of booking the hotel because of this city is not very much. The former capital of Japan – one of the best places where you can admire the spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves beauty watch mymydzhy.

History of trigonometry: emergence and development

Trigonometry history is inextricably linked to astronomy, because for solving this ancient science, scientists began to explore the value of different variables in a triangle.
Today trigonometry is mykrorazdelom mathematics that studies the relationship between the values of angles and lengths of the sides of triangles, and involved analysis of algebraic identities trigonometric functions.
History of trigonometry: emergence and development
The term “trigonometry”
The term, which gave its name to this branch of mathematics, was first discovered in the title of the book authored by a German scientist and mathematician Pytyskusa in 1505. The word “trigonometry” is of Greek origin and means “Measure Triangle”. To be more precise, it is not a literal terms of figures, but of its solution, ie determining values of unknown elements using known.

General information about trigonometry
Trigonometry history began more than two millennia ago. First, its appearance was due to the need to clarify the relationships of angles and sides of a triangle. While studies have shown that the mathematical expression of these relationships requires a special trigonometric functions that are initially processed as numeric table.
For many allied sciences with mathematics impetus to the development of trigonometry was just a story. Origin measurements of angles (degrees) associated with the research scholars of ancient Babylon, is based on a system shestydesyatyrychnuyu calculation, which gave early modern desyatirichnoy, used in many applied sciences.

It is assumed that initially existed as trigonometry of astronomy. Then it was used in architecture. And eventually there was the feasibility of this science in various fields of human activity. In particular, astronomy, sea and air navigation, acoustics, optics, electronics, architecture and others.
Trigonometry at early age
Guided by scientific data on surviving relic, the researchers concluded that the origins of trigonometry associated with the works of Greek astronomer Hipparchus, who first thought on finding ways of solving triangles (spherical). His works belong to the 2nd century BC.
History of trigonometry: origin and development is also one of the most important achievements of that time is to determine the ratio of legs and the hypotenuse in a right triangle, which was later called the Pythagorean theorem.
The history of trigonometry in ancient Greek astronomer associated with the name Ptolemy – geocentric system of the world the author that prevailed before Copernicus.
Greek astronomers were not aware of sine, cosine and tangent. They used tables that allow to find the chord value range using styahayetsya arc. The units were to measure the chord degrees, minutes and seconds. One degree was equal to sixty of the radius.
Also study the ancient Greeks promoted the development of spherical trigonometry. In particular, Euclid in his “Principia” leads theorem on regularity volume ratio of balls of different diameters. His work in this area were a push to develop more and allied disciplines. In particular, the technology of astronomical instruments, theory of map projections, the system of celestial coordinates and t. D.

Ages: the study of Indian scientists
Significant progress achieved medieval Indian astronomers. Death of ancient science in the IV century led to the displacement of the center of mathematics in India.
History of trigonometry as a separate section of mathematical education began in the Middle Ages. That’s when the scientists replaced chord sinuses. This discovery allowed to enter the functions related research sides and angles of a right triangle. That was then beginning vidosoblyuvatysya trigonometry from astronomy, becoming a branch of mathematics.
The first table of sines were Aryabhaty, they were held in 3 of 4 of 5 on. Later versions were detailed tables: in particular, Bhaskara gave a table of sines by 1 on.
History of trigonometry: the emergence and development of the first specialized treatise on trigonometry appeared in X-XI century. The author was his Central Asian scholar al-Biruni. In his main work “Canon Mas’uda” (Book III) by medieval further deepened in trigonometry, resulting sine table (in increments of 15 ‘) and a table of tangents (in increments of 1 °).
The history of trigonometry in Europe
After translation of Arabic treatises in Latin (XII-XIII) the majority of the ideas of Indian and Persian scientists were borrowed European science. The first mention of trigonometry in Europe belong to the XII century.
According to researchers, history of trigonometry in Europe with the name Richard Uollynhfordskoho Englishman who was the author of the work “Four treatise on the direct and inverse chords.” It was the first work of its work, which is entirely devoted to trigonometry. By the XV century, many authors mention in his writings of trigonometric functions.

History of trigonometry: New Era
In modern times, most scientists became aware of the critical importance of trigonometry not only in astronomy and astrology, but in other areas of life. This is, first of all, artillery, optics and navigation in the distant sea expeditions. Therefore, in the second half of the XVI century, the topic of interest of many prominent people of that time, including Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, François Viète. Copernicus took trigonometry several chapters of his treatise “On the rotation of the Heavenly Spheres” (1543). Later, in the 60 years of the XVI century, Retyk – student Copernicus – gives in his book “The optical part of astronomy” pyatnadtsatyznachnye trigonometric tables.
History of trigonometry: the emergence and development François Viète which were introduced in “Mathematical canon” (1579) provides a thorough and systematic, albeit unsubstantiated, characteristic plane and spherical trigonometry. But Albrecht Dürer was the same, thanks to whom the world was sinusoid.
The merits of Leonhard Euler
Providing modern trigonometry content and type of merit was Leonhard Euler. His treatise “Introduction to endless analysis” (1748) contains a definition of “trigonometric functions”, which is equivalent to today. Thus, the scientist could determine the inverse function. But that’s not all.
Definition of trigonometric functions on the entire real line was made possible by Euler’s research not only permissible negative angles, but the angles of over 360 °. He was first in his works proved that cosine and tangent right angle negative. Decomposition of entire stages cosine and sine was also the merit of the scientist. The general theory of trigonometric series and study the convergence of series were obtained objects of research Euler. However, working on issues related tasks, he made many discoveries in this area. It was through his work continued history of trigonometry. Briefly in his writings he touched on spherical trigonometry.

Applications of trigonometry
Trigonometry is not related to applied sciences, real everyday problem it is rarely used. However, this fact does not diminish its significance. It is important, for example, the technique of triangulation that allows astronomers to accurately measure the distance to stars minded and control the satellite navigation system.
Also trigonometry is used in navigation, music theory, acoustics, optics, analysis of financial markets, electronics, probability theory, statistics, biology, medicine (such as deciphering ultrasound ultrasound and computed tomography), pharmaceutics, chemistry, number theory, seysmolohyyy , meteorology, oceanography, cartography, many branches of physics, topography and geodesy, architecture, phonetics, economics, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer graphics, and so krystallohrafyyy. d. The history of trigonometry and its role in the study of natural sciences and mathematics and studied day. Perhaps in the future areas of application will be more.
The history of the origin of basic concepts
The history of development of trigonometry and has more than one century. The introduction of the concepts that form the basis of this section of mathematical science, nor was momentary.
History of trigonometry: the emergence and development Thus, the term “sine” has a very long history. Mention of various segments of relationship triangles, circles found in scientific works, dating from the III century BC. The works of the great ancient scientists like Euclid, Archimedes, Apollo Perhskyy already containing the first study of these relationships. New discoveries demanded some terminological clarification. Thus, the Indian scientist Ariabhata gives chord name ‘Jiva’, which means “bow string”. When Arab mathematical texts were translated into Latin, the term was replaced by a value close sinuses (ie “bend”).
The word “cosine” appeared much later. This term is a shortened version of the Latin phrase “extra sine”.
The emergence of tangents associated with decoding the problem of determining the length of the shadow. The term “tangent” entered in the X century Arab mathematician Abul-Wafa, was the first table to determine tangents and kotanhensov. But European scientists were unaware of these developments. German mathematician and astronomer Rehymontan rediscovered these concepts in 1467 The proof of the theorem of tangents – to his credit. But the term is translated as “concerning”.

Depressive neurosis

Depressive neurosis – a reaction to a negative situation that eats people inside and solve the problem of people can not.
This mental illness is often indecisive in people who are confident and difficult to accustom to new, interior design in Madison situation. Also, people who are at risk in this situation will be focused oblychchyastosti who can control their emotions. These people do not listen to the opinion of others, a sense of duty they always come first, often in the form of exaggeration. At the same time, such persons are inherent strong emotional attachment to relatives. goods and services directory
The causes of depressive neurosis

Treatment of depressive neurosis is complicated and takes a long time. This disease dance studio Madison from – frequent stress, mental disturbances and mental nadlomiv through. Lack of support may affect native people at the right time, family problems, moving to a new home or a new job. Most exposed to the disease, people with low self-esteem, with a weak character.
Symptoms and treatment

The first symptom is a regular occurrence lingering neuroses. Important as accurately determine correct diagnosis because the disease can be confused with other types of mental illness. Depression, apathy and causeless alarm should also be a cause for concern. Also, a man plagued by window repair Madison and fears appear.
Despite the fact that oblychchyastist is full, the disease is clearly, with pronounced symptoms. Headaches, depression, low mood, lack of sleep and appetite – all these are signs of depressive neurosis. Man is well aware that he was ill, experiencing their condition and degree of its severity. May appear suicidal tendencies,
Depressive pet grooming Madison state of apathy or, on the contrary, the patient may begin hysterical.
The most important thing in this case – to correctly identify the person diagnosed, then will be able to cope with the disease. First, tune in to positive treatment, mental attitude plays an important role in combating depressive psychosis. Sessions hypnosis can help treat the disease, as your doctor may prescribe you an antidepressant if necessary. Homeopathic remedies is better not to get involved, you must spa services in Madison discuss taking them with your doctor – a psychiatrist. With proper treatment, you get rid of this diagnosis and without consequences in the short term.


Almost every person is unable to be a long time enthusiastic oblychchyastistyu. Someone once, and some under prolonged exposure to the problems and difficulties in life, remember that their life was pessimistic.
It is important to know that this is not as mental illness, and the state, the main feature of which is interior design in Madison of pessimism is not so easy to get rid of, it is not immediately ready to replace optimism.
Let’s talk in more detail about how to save their lives from the monotony of everyday life colors and apathy to everything, until the occupation favorite thing. house in  USA
The concept of pessimism

The phenomenon of pessimism has long been studied from a medical point of view. In this area he called “dysthymia”. Man, being in this condition often suffer dance studio Madison insomnia, it disturbed sleep. He loses all interest in life, in all its charms. There is a feeling that the body is in a strange vacuum clock. Most of the time is spent in overcoming fatigue.
Unfortunately, many people notice a similar symptoms, no need to see a specialist, on the contrary, they blamed this state to the normal fatigue after a hard day. This is the main mistake.
Dysthymia able to master the window repair Madison state of man for a long time. As a result, it can give rise to various physical illnesses.
It should be noted that the tendency to pessimism evident since childhood. In most cases, he visits the life of teenagers, whose main focus on the experience of unrequited love.
Test pessimism

Before proceeding to a pet grooming Madison review of recommendations relating to how to get rid of pessimism, we recommend to answer some questions that will help determine your degree of optimism-pessimism.
1. Your dreams:





2. You just woke up, your thoughts:


favorite of work;

of the hated work;

of a loved one.
3. Your breakfast:

begins with a table setting;

accompanied by spa services in Madison grumbling;

accompanied by your usual talkativeness;

ever retire.
4. While reading the newspaper, you are interested in:

political news;


5. Your reaction to a terrible crime, etc .:


puzzled by the fact that similar happened with you;

outraged that the justice authorities are not able to protect ordinary citizens from danger;

understand that everything in the world happens.
6. Your meeting with a stranger:

trust him;

expect him questions;

watch him with interest;

watch, making no conclusions.

7. When you are looking at somebody casually, you:

it seems that you saw something funny;

you enjoy;

look in the mirror, showcase;

you still.
Analysis of responses:
Count the number of points received.


Your results:

10-15 points – realize that pessimism should get rid of.

16 – 27 – sober view of the world. Improve your optimism.

28 – 35 – optimist by nature.
How to deal with pessimism?

If pessimism acquired form of the disease, immediately consult a specialist. For you to be healthy caring relative.

Treatment should take place with the help of positive emotions. Not only must diversify hearth, but add in daily family situation comedy, relaxing music, fresh air, in a movie theater.
Remember that the pessimistic views unlikely that a person is able to achieve something meaningful in life. Therefore it is necessary to work hard on their outlook on life, on their thoughts.

Reactive psychosis

No one is immune to mental illness. And if it somehow touched your life, remember that this immediately to fight.
Reactive Psychosis is a mental disorder that occurs due to the strong pressure stress and the environment. cleaning Miami
There are conventional jet mills and tightening reactive psychosis. They are often caused by the strong influence that pose a risk to life.
Detailed review the main window repair in madison of reactive psychosis.
Symptoms manifest as lethargy and excitement. Man begins to throw, screaming, asking for help, try to escape even meet the danger. Retardation may be accompanied by partial or complete obezdvyzhennostyu despite zahroslyvu danger. Stupor duration: one minute – a couple of hours. Mimicry reflects fear, indifference, fear or confusion.
Protracted reactive psychosis and neurosis characterized as difficult and detachment from the world. There are several variants of disorders that can change each other during prolonged psychosis:

Hysterical confusion – violation of orientation, a wrong answer to a question, crying, laughing, prydurkuvatist.

Psevdodementsyya – false dementia, which can last from several weeks to two months. dentist Miami

Puэrylyzm – children’s behavior.

Reactive depression – often because of the death of loved ones, feelings of guilt, loneliness, suffering, financial condition adverse pet grooming in Madison the needs of complicity and empathy.

Jet delusional psychosis – there because of overwork, malnutrition, insomnia, excessive tension, fear of paranoia. stylist Miami

How do you treat reactive psychosis? First, you need to remove the spa services in Madison of the disease and try to protect people from adverse conditions. Many states require
Reactive psychosis intervention of doctors.
Acute reactive psychosis characterized hospitalization. Unsolvable situation is causing interior design madison duration of psychosis so often as a treatment method prescribed antidepressants. Carry psychotherapeutic work, which in most cases have a favorable outcome. Difficulties may arise in difficult conditions, stressful situations. There adaptation to new conditions. more here
Remember, if you are suffering from reactive psychosis, immediately consult a specialist.

Violation of attention

Attention is concentrated human activity on some real event, reasoning, object, and so spoblychchya. D. Violation of attention observed in the neuroses, interior design madison of the brain, schizophrenia, somatic diseases, as well as the usual fatigue. Today often found violations of attention in children, which many adults perceive as a lack of education. This disease is caused by a violation of brain processes and brings a lot of trouble – from bad marks in school to psychological trauma because of their illness. These effects usually occur with fatigue or brain damage. limo Miami
Types of abuse
There are the following types of abuse note:

flies inattention (scattered attention);

senile inattention (inability to switch from carelessness);

Academic carelessness (excessive focus on the inability to quickly change);

specific violations if they apply only to some types of attention or memory; dance studio Miami

modal-unspecified violation of attention when there are defects simultaneously visual, auditory, tactile and motor analyzers.
Symptoms of abuse
Infringement attention syndrome is found in the following features:

impatience, restlessness, excessive impulsiveness and irritability;

pet grooming in Madison

inability to concentration on the action;


Determine the disease can only neurologist, psychiatrist or psychologist. more here
It should be noted that impaired concentration may occur at any fear, fear of the future events. As a result, the body tries to meet not yet svershyvshuyusya trouble.
If you notice more symptoms do not rush to put a diagnosis, but if they are repeated often and specifically, then you should seek medical attention.

Usually used spoblychchya following treatment: psychological and pedagogical methods of correction, taking stimulants and brain activity neotropnыh preparations, various exercises to develop uontsentratsyy, acupuncture, obtain useful nutrients.
The causes of violations of attention
Lurking in various psychological or common diseases. This can affect fatigue, insomnia, headache, monotone monotonous activity, organic lesion of the cerebral cortex, and so on. D.
Violation of attention
Infringement attention syndrome in children

Manifested in the inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. This affects their relationships with friends, parents, teachers. The syndrome is not as terrible as the consequences – depression, failure, drug abuse and so on. E., So it is important not to miss the point and time to see a pediatrician.
Violation of window repair in madison in the elderly
It is accompanied by a decrease in memory. This is due to a number of senile changes. In elderly people often suffer from cardiovascular and degenerative diseases accompanied by memory impairment. Most experts recommend that people of all ages to eat healthy food spa services in Madison consume vitamins and do exercises that develop concentration.
It is worth noting that through this simple action, virtually any age stage you can prevent or correct the problem breach attention. click 

Psychological dependence

Everyone suffers from addiction to anything. You can confidently say that this problem window repair in madison not apply and you are absolutely free man who neither of which does not. However, it is not! Our whole life depends on many factors: water, food and air. Clearly, the psychological and physical dependence of different things, but physical dependence – only an integral part of our lives, while psychological dependence – a serious problem that must be addressed immediately.
Psychological dependence – an irresistible urge and desire to return to something that you created favorable conditions for life and makes it more colorful and bright. Sometimes this kind of dependence has appreciable harm, example of such dependence can serve as alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking.
Types of psychological dependence

As a multifaceted psychological dependence, then a lot of species. For example a love relationship, komp’terna and even emotional. Today we look at the most common types of psychological dependence. more here

Cell Phone. Perhaps this dependence affected all mankind. Previously, we easily lived without cell, and it was fine, but now in the absence of phone a pet grooming in Madison begins to feel panic and anxiety that ultimately may affect health.

Internet – dependence. A person suffering a similar dependence can swim around the clock on the Internet and forget about everything. In the end, this detachment from the outside world can affect learning and work. dentist Miami

TV – addiction. Dependence of this kind is common in housewives who spend too much time to watch your favorite TV shows and TV programs. People worry too much heroes of the series and just forget

Many people who suffer from what some psychological dependence admit that it prevents them from living a full life. In the form of which raises the question: “How to get rid of psychological dependence?”. Make it yourself impossible. To get rid of this unpleasant disease, need expert help – psychologist. stylist Miami
Treatment of psychological dependence is most effective when engaging in a group of people with similar problems. This is because the group according interior design madison most members have the authority and look in the eyes of others worse nobody wants.
Overcoming psychological dependence – a complex and thorny path. But passing it through, you become truly free man, able to breathe in deeply and confidently say that no such thing as psychological dependence places in your life no more! read info

Neurotic disorders

Neurotic disorders or as it is called neurosis – a collective name of a group of current psychological pet grooming in Madison that have a tendency to long course.
Neurotic disorders oblychchyastosti not violate all the mechanisms of mental activity in general, but only to certain areas. They do not lead to significant behavioral disorders, but have a significant impact on quality of life. limo Miami
The group does not include neurosis neurotic symptoms related other psychiatric and neurological diseases. Recently, we can speak about a manifold increase in the number of people suffering from these disorders. According to recent prevalence of neurosis is from 2 to 76 per 1000 in men and from 4 to 167 per 1000 women.
Types of neurotic disorders
Disturbingly neurotic disorder. One of the most common forms of the disease. By psychological manifestations of anxiety – phobic disorders primarily include panic attacks. dance studio Miami

Hysterical disorders. By hysterical reactions usually tend infantile oblychchyastosti which are: dependence judgments, high suggestibility, emotional immaturity, easy excitability, vraslyvistyu. Also worth noting is that this form of pathology observed in women in 2 times more often than men. spa service Miami

Neurasthenia. In this disorder is dominated by complaints of “unbearable fatigue”, lower vitality, fatigue, weakness, intolerance before the usual loads. Each action requires enormous willpower.

Neurotic disorder sleep. In various forms disorder suffers and the process of sleep. Often there is a violation of sleep, which often provokes strengthening of neuroses. There window repair in madison also waking from sleep disorders, they are characterized by the fact that people are waking up, for a while, can not distinguish dream from reality. window repair Miami
Neurotic disorders – Symptoms

The most pronounced symptoms can be identified such as:

panic attacks;

agoraphobia (fear of open spaces and other similar phobias)

hypochondriacal phobia (fear nav’yaslyvyy of a serious illness);

nav’yaslyvi opinion (continuous repetition of undesirable serious thoughts);

hysterical reaction.

Neurotic disorders – Causes

The causes of neurosis are very rarely any sudden traumatic events such as death or an accident close. Often they are not caused significant, but long enough to affect the rights stimuli that lead to permanent nervous tension. Today, the most likely causes of neuroses can be events that threaten the future uncertainty provoking situation or require alternative solutions.
Treatment of neurotic disorders more here

Help patients of this type involves a
Neurotic disorders complex treatment. Along with psychotherapeutic influence also apply pharmacological and restorative treatments. Also interior design madison recovery well affect physiotherapy. Treatment of such people is best done in specialized institutions, they are often referred to sanatorium institutions.
Prevention of neurotic disorders should consist of a number of social measures aimed at creating favorable family residential, employment, training conditions, neutralization of emotional stress and combat stress factors. computer Miami


Dysphoria – is the antonym of the word “euphoria” when in human behavior window repair in madison irritability, obraslyvist, fault-finding and acrimony. In other words – depression. It can manifest in such ailments:

drug addiction;

premenstrual syndrome;



Sexual abuse problems;


anxiety neurosis;

oblychchyastosti various disorders;




Cushing’s disease, etc.
WARNING! Dysphoria may precede an attack of epilepsy. Severe outbreaks detected rage, despair and sense of hopelessness, anger and anguish. Basically, this – the lack of interior design madison in life, general dissatisfaction and frustration. Unfortunately, such a constant mood leads to abuse alcohol or drugs. In dysphoria observed gusts unlawful actions. In this condition a person totally defenseless and unhappy, though, and tries to show himself strong. Be careful and indulgent to their relatives. Keep favorite!
Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria or gender – a gender acute dissatisfaction with the status of women and men (Gender: male or female), denial of existence. The pet grooming in Madison of this type of dysphoria may be indefinite amount of time and has various causes. Man feels “at ease” is not in his body. In the form in which it is now, it is uncomfortable. People suffering from gender dysphoria, trying to turn itself through dressing in clothes designed opposite sex.

Postkoytalnaya dysphoria

Postkoytalnaya dysphoria – after sexual intercourse appears inexplicable, melancholy, anxiety, tearfulness, tension, irritability and anxiety. No matter how successful he was. The nature of depression today is not found. According to surveys, in some cases, after the betrayal or the possibility of being infected (random connections), while the distance from each partner.
Predmenstrualnaya dysphoria

It is quite common, familiar to many women, PMS. The leading role in provoking factors play dysphoria abortion, childbirth, psychological disorders and infectious diseases, lack of male attention and care.
Predmenstrualnaya dysphoria – treatment
Examined and eliminated “female” disease infection.

To love yourself, respect; accept yourself and love so that you are.

Attention beloved.

The realization that you are loved and needed.
dysphoria treatment

To identify dysphoria, not judged by its first signs. Do not skoropospeshnыh conclusions. Of course, many people react so
Dysphoria to external stimuli, and this is quite normal. But the situation is complicated when such attacks are systematic and regular. They do not allow people to live peacefully and close around and find a reaction of the body perfectly adequate. Pathology can be distinguished from normal humans just to be very careful and monitor the frequency and frequency of exposure.
It is surprising that the dysphoric state is sometimes accompanied by a statement bredopodobnыh own ideas of greatness and enthusiasm for no reason, talkativeness. Its state of dysphoria observed within 2-3 days. But sometimes when they are delayed for weeks and end and restored healthy state as suddenly as incurred.

Apathy – Symptoms

Always live in a positive impossible. To a person learned to appreciate good luck and happiness to his lot falls problems and troubles. Difficult window repair in madison “harden.” The main thing to be able to penetrate them.
Do not be afraid of difficulties and never give up – so you can avoid lethargy, apathy and depression. On the causes and symptoms of apathy, we’ll talk today.
What is the difference?

Apathy and depression – is a somewhat different phenomenon. Mental disorder is sometimes accompanied by problems with physical health – is the interior design madison thing that unites them.
State of apathy expressed indifference to everything that happens. Man is not interested in the world around us, people, work, home. Suddenly, everything loses its color and its appeal. As a result, constant apathy can lead to a complete indifference to his own life.
A strange fact that this disease can attack adequate, successful, has a house and a family man. It would seem, why not live in peace and not be content with all the benefits that you? Unfortunately, it is impossible. Man becomes hostage to their problems and get out of this state is not easy.
Depression – a mental disorder. In contrast to the apathy, it is not indifference, and anxiety, resentment, anxiety and all sorts of experiences. Depression means a deep depression.
Often, after a protracted pet grooming in Madison may follow emotional apathy. When a person is left to experience and strength to spare himself, he emotionally exhausted and comes complete indifference. In this case, changing one extreme to another
How to get it?

Indifference occurs immediately. Let’s find out what are the harbingers state of apathy which features it has.

fatigue and weakness. A person may seem that he was very tired at work, he needs rest and quiet. Changing environment, long-term and high-quality vacation may help prevent further development of apathy;

drowsiness. This condition is also a harbinger of trouble. ” If you pay to sleep enough time, but that not vysypayetesya, continue to closely monitor the other;

laziness and lack of initiative. Previously you could boast that always and everywhere were first exhibited leadership qualities, the apathy makes you act opposite way;

sorrow. Very often you feel bored and sad for no apparent reason, you do not want no any desire;

indifference. As already mentioned, this is the main symptom that you attacked apathy;

slurred speech. Low Color your emotional expression and unwillingness to actively participate in conversations;

isolation. You have increasingly turned to himself;

desire for solitude. You are increasingly trying to stay alone and avoid any high-profile companies. It’s not that people are annoying you, you are just not interested.

Who is to blame?

Apathy – symptoms of apathy The main reasons include the following:

stress. A serious quarrel with her beloved, the death of a loved one, job loss and change of residence – all the strongest challenge for any of us. If emotions were so strong, had a negative character, all of the above can lead to apathy;

lack of money. Long and hard work, constant lack of money, debts and lack of opportunities to meet their needs leads to the fact that the forces are over, dropped his hands. Man loses interest and just moving away from reality.