Literally, the word means “no words for emotions”. Alexithymia – as a psychological problem is this window repair in madison of human characteristics and its oblychchyastosti at which diagnosed the following disadvantages:

the inability to adequately assess the situation;

great difficulty describing interior design madison own and others’ emotions;

difficulty to distinguish between bodily sensations and emotions;

lack of imagination;

madness to external stimuli;

ignoring the inner feelings;

deficit emotional thinking prevails when a logical and concrete;

lack of intuition and imagination.
All of these aspects may manifest both equally, but it is possible dominance of any individual.
Research alexithymia

To identify the stage and level of alexithymia using various techniques and tests. He suggested the term in 1973. Peter Syfens. In his work, he described the surveillance of patients with psychosomatic clinic. They were very prone to conflict and stress. Almost deprived imagination, hard to describe their feelings and to find the right word to convey information.
Alexithymia – signs

And so, people suffering alyksytymyey very difficult to understand their feelings and emotions. From this, they can not empathize with others. They are distant alien pet grooming in Madison and experiences. They are not clear and it is difficult to sympathize with someone and show compassion. Experience shows that such people rather primitive lifestyle, they are inactive, inactive and infantile. As a result, a set of qualities leads to what is oblychchyastist nezhelayuschey conflict and find compromises can not act as a team.
Alexithymia and disease

Variants of the origin of the disease and these variations may be two:

If a person is born with these qualities of character, he is not fighting with their shortcomings because they do not consider it necessary.

Can be purchased and be temporary. The reasons for this behavior are still not identified, but it is assumed that this state comes after stressful experiences and prolonged depression. Everyone suffers from this type of mental disorder have a negative experience situations that drastically alter the optimistic view of the pessimistic.
Alexithymia – treatment

Unfortunately, alexithymia almost defies psychotherapy. In rare cases at different stages of psychotherapy can be effective. If you find yourself alexithymia signs, you know, “No one will not help you except yourself.” You can heal themselves only if it want.

Below there are 12 believers treatments, but you can invent many others: friends and new! Good luck!

Distracted art. Tsikavtesya work of others or make themselves.

Creativity – your best friend!

Find yourself  in different areas of interest.

Do not sit idle. If you have something to do, then had to think about nonsense.

In every moment of the life looking beautiful.

In any object that surrounds you

Try to consider beauty.




If you have something someone is not satisfied, change the world, start with yourself. Themselves and happily Be perfect.

In happy moments of your life listen to him. What do you feel? What do you feel now? Try as best you remember these emotions. Keep communicating with them. Try to explain that to a similar experience and your excitement.